Why should I Verify my House?

Why should I Verify my House
We live in a society that media often tends to overuse words that have a meaning or recognition that are catchy or hip to boost sales and products. Green is one of those items, every so often the National Broadcast companies will have “Green Week” or some other promotion and everything under the sun becomes green….this is often called “Green Washing.” The unfortunate thing about this is it diminishes the true meaning of “Built Green” which consists of a detailed and exhaustive checklist of items starting with the site preparation, location and design of your home all the way to the type of light bulbs and appliances you use.

Third Party Verifiers complete rigorous training and testing and are certified by the National Association of Home Builders to actually verify by inspection that all of the items the Builder and Owner specify to be done in the home is in fact completed to the high standards required by the program. This certification will give true credibility to the home being built for the current owner as well as any prospective buyers in the future.

Studies have shown that true Built Green Certified homes actually sell faster with less time on market and for more money than their non green counterparts so there is motivation to market a home as green. Without this 3rd party verification it is too easy for Sellers to market their products as Green which could be substantially different than a specific “Built Green” designation.

When a buyer purchases a home that has been certified by a 3rd party verifier, they can be assured the home was built to standards based on the rating system used on the home and they are in fact receiving the full value of a Built Green home.

Steve Senger

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